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Come join us every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern for a live gathering and teaching. With the live chat, you can be a part of the teaching and fellowship.

Live call-in during broadcast: 336 314-0446

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Van and Gina travel and share this message of the Kingdom wherever God sends them and are available to share with your fellowship or home group upon request. They have been pastors for 12 years and spent the last 18 years promoting the Christ in Us message to all who desire to hear. They are a trumpet sounding the alarm and declaring the midnight cry to a chosen generation. If you are interested you can contact Van at

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  1. Alice and Harold Mattox says:

    Do you guys remember us from Jackson Hole? We are in Kansas City at World Revical Church. Can you call us at 816-730-9633 for Alice or 816-730-9636 for Harold

    Those were the days. Please give me a call sometime.

  2. Angela Krogen says:

    Would like to know your group of friends in Palm City. That’s our city and we would like to meet them.
    Let us know when you come back to this area.
    Blessings and much love,

  3. Chang Noi says:

    Thank you, Pastor Jarrell,
    A present word of Life for me in 2014. May the Lords enabling Grace cause that
    word to become a reality in the life of His called and chosen during this time of preparation.

  4. Shelley says:

    Hi. I’m in Orange, Tx near Beaumont for a season and was looking for others in this area to fellowship with. Is there anyone in this area?

  5. Van Tanner says:

    So sorry Shelley but the only folks we know who are anywhere close to you are in Katy, TX and in Lafayette, LA. Both of those are not that close though.

    We will be traveling right through your town at the end of June! We will be sharing in Lafayette June 20-22 and then in Katy, TX the next weekend. We would love to stop in and meet you and if you can gather any folks together we would love to share. Please email me:


  6. Van Tanner says:

    The Seven Thunders of God looks at the book of Revelation as a parable, with the Word defining the Word. It is about the revealing of Christ in a people. Van

  7. Brenda Corey / Eagle Ministries says:

    Back to the Garden

    On August 14th at our home gathering for Eagle Ministries, one present described this vision:

    God hovering over the earth, zooming in on the garden shared by Adam and Eve.

    The vision moved time swiftly from then until now where he could see a sign BACK TO THE GARDEN. He then saw the earth and its inhabitants. The people were seen as lights; each were various levels of brightness. A HUGE Jesus appears and approaches and the lights (people) become brighter and brighter until Jesus consumes all lights in Himself.

    The earth was seen again and this time it was a new place, all built with beautiful buildings that had even jewels in them, and what one would imagine Heaven being like. Then as Jesus (still HUGE) stepped upon the earth, the people (lights) were released to live there. All were rejoicing, praising, worshipping and happily living there in peace and harmony.

    Then outer space could be seen where there was another place that would be described as hell. This place is where evil was kept locked up and unable to escape, and never would.
    Right after sharing this, an opening was seen for us to step into, and heard that we are stepping into a new dimension where no flesh exists; all carnality is rid for good.
    After this a meter was seen being held in front of people measuring with numbers the brightness of light to determine how close we are to the “fullness”.

    #9 is symbolic for fullness, completeness. I then thought this:
    July 7th month – perfection
    August 8th month – new beginnings
    September is the 9th month – fullness

  8. Brenda Corey / Eagle Ministries says:

    We were able to extend rates for the Hotel reservations to the 10th!!! FAVOR!! Please all if you need to make accommodations, please geterdone! It is only $52 a night and you get breakfast!! I am stoked about this conference and encourage everyone to be in Williamsburg October 23 – 25th!! Register so we can reserve your Revised edition book Seven Thunders and Saturday lunch!!

  9. Amy says:

    Mr. Tanner,

    I’m a friend of Robyn Glover, she heard your sermon yesterday in N. Charleston. She provided me a copy of the study guide The Seven Thunders of God. I was wondering where I can order the recording from last night?

    Thank you,

  10. Van Tanner says:

    Hi Amy,
    There was no recording done from the meeting in Charleston. I am so sorry. So glad that you got the book. I am teaching from the book here on this site on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8pm ET. Join us if you can!


  11. Jana says:

    I was guest 999 where do I go to purchased the book?

  12. Karen says:

    Is there any way to watch your current Tues-Thurs study other than live? Will you be posting archives?

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